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Your Position: Home - Environment - What is the purpose of floodgates?

What is the purpose of floodgates?

4 minute read

Whether you live in a floodplain area or want to make sure that your property won`t fall victim to an unexpected disaster, efficient flood control is essential for any modern household or business. The flood gate is the most popular choice in the current flood control market. People from all over the world prefer flood barriers for homes or businesses to all other known anti-flooding solutions.

But how does a flood gate work, and what makes it so reliable? In this article, we shall talk about the principle of flood barriers for home, their structure, and distinctive feature that have made them the #1 choice among property owners worldwide.

What is a flood gate, and how does it work?

A flood gate or a flood barrier is technically a flap that blocks a door, gate, or any other passage preventing water from getting into the protected area.

Today flood gates come in different shapes and sizes to fit various passages and seal them safely. Flood barriers are also made out of other materials, from metal to glass. However, the most popular choice is the plastic flood gates with soft inflatable rubber seals on the perimeter.

Since modern flood barriers for homes and businesses are removable and multi-use, you want your flood control device to be lightweight, low-maintenance, and durable. A plastic flood gate is easy to install, remove and move to the storage area. Modern plastic flood barriers are the best choice in this case.

Flood barriers have 2 main work principles:

  • Blocking the water from getting into the property
  • Diverting the water away from your property.

You can install a flood gate into a door passage, connect several flood barriers with an extension pole and block a water stream as much as 3 feet high away from your house, garage, etc.

At the same time, you can use extension poles to connect several flood barriers and direct water away from a particular area instead of blocking it entirely. This principle works great for waterfront properties or as a means to protect a swimming pool or garden from floodwater.

Flood barrier maintenance

Every property owner knows how important it is to know everything about the maintenance of any device or tool they get for the house. Since a flood barrier is an investment in the well-being of your family, you want to make sure that it will work for many years, remaining the same efficiency as it was during the very first flood season.

A modern flood barrier might be the most low-maintenance flood control solution you can think of. Unlike sandbags, flood doors, or most other products available on the contemporary market, a flood barrier does not have to be cleaned or repaired regularly. You don`t have to clean the mess after the water retreats or worry that the sun, hot or cold temperatures, and other factors are damaging your anti-flooding device while it is not being used.

A removable flood barrier will remain in your garage, basement, or even begin the entrance door when you don`t need it. It will not suffer from any elements or other damaging factors and therefore remain as good as new before every new flooding event.

And when the disaster strikes, it will take you only several minutes to deploy your flood gate and ensure that your house is sealed perfectly against the floodwater.

Modern flood barriers are also the most sustainable anti-flooding solution. They are durable, serve you for many years, and can be sold or repurposed without ending up in a landfill. Unlike sandbags, flood gates don`t require you to use sand or any other natural materials to endure the protection, and you don`t have to think about their safe transportation and utilization when the water retreats.

Do you want to know more about flood barriers and other modern flood control solutions? Contact Dam Easy today and make the first step towards flood safety of your house and business.

We shall be happy to answer all your questions, arrange a flood barrier kit according to the measurements of your property and deliver it safely right at your door in just several business days!

Contact Dam Easy today and enjoy the safety of a floodproof house for many years to come.

Flood Barrier Door Dam - Ultimate Flood Gate


DAM EASY® FLOOD GATE - DOOR DAM    Floods are becoming more common around the world. What was once a 100-year phenomenon is now a seasonal trend that homeowners must deal with.   That’s EXACTLY why you need this Dam Easy Flood… Read More

Flood Control International’s flood gates are designed for dependable flood protection whilst maximising access availability.  We have a unique design that allows flood gates can be designed to operate on a dead level threshold allowing unrestricted vehicle, pedestrian and disabled access.  This is a game changer in terms of having full flood resilience whilst maintaining operability in sites.

Lightweight aluminum flood gates are available in widths up to 14.7ft and flood defense heights up to 6.2ft, and our steel flood gates are designed to any size.  All flood gates can be automatic and push-button operated if required.

We provide engineering CAD or PDF drawings of all flood gate installations to ensure they integrate correctly with the whole scheme designed.

Flood Control International offers four main types of flood gate as outlined below.

What is the purpose of floodgates?

Flood Control International





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