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Your Position: Home - Furniture - How to Buy and Import Furniture from China: A Complete Guide

How to Buy and Import Furniture from China: A Complete Guide

Ⅴ、How to Pay China Suppliers?

The best method to choose when paying your China furniture supplier depends on the amount you are going to be paying.

China suppliers may be notorious for delayed deliveries but they are not known to be scammers. Given this image does not give importers reason not to be careful because even in remote instances, there are really scammers.

Here are the common ways importers pay China suppliers

1.International Wire Transfer

This is the oldest payment mode and the most commonly used for small and medium sized transactions. The buyer pays a down payment before production starts and the full payments as per their agreed payment term.

Importer risk losing his money should anything goes wrong. Supplier also stands to lose when after down payment and production, the buyer, for whatever reason, loses interest on his order.

2.Letter of Credit

This is one of the most secured payment mode. This is commonly used for transactions over $50,000.  LCs though involve a lot of paper work with the bank. The bank also charges exorbitant fees to get an LC.

3.Online Escrow

This payment term is ideal for small transactions only usually below $ 5,000. You can find escrow services in the internet. This is not a very secure payment mode because there is not much paper work involved making future disputes difficult.

4.Sourcing Agents / Companies

This is not actually a payment mode but if you are working with a sourcing agent or company, you can course your payment through them. Small buyers often take advantage of this payment as this is safer than an online escrow service.

The sourcing agent/company will pay the China supplier through COD or Chinese escrow. This is a good option because the sourcing agent/company can opt to reject and not pay the supplier if the quality of the delivery does not conform to the agreement.


PayPal is similar to credit card payment except that you do not expose your credit card details. You instead attach your credit card to your PayPal account and pay your supplier through an email account. PayPal deducts a fee when funds in an account is transferred to a bank account. Suppliers commonly charge this fee to the buyer.

This payment mode is feasible for small orders.

6.International Credit Cards

International credit cards are seldom used when supplier is a factory. International credit cards are often used when importing small electronic accessories.


Although risky, most furniture orders are paid in cash especially when buyer is represented in China by a sourcing agent or company. This payment option often gets the lowest prices. Cash option should only be used in small orders or when a buyer fully trusts the supplier.

8.Western Union

After PayPal, Western Union is the easiest payment option. For small and sample orders, most China suppliers prefer this payment mode. This is a high risk payment option for importers because an individual and not the company will be receiving the payment. WU however is fast and charges a very small fee. Paying through Western Union though is often correlated to internet scams.

China furniture offers a stylish and cost-effective way of decorating spaces. Made-in-China furniture has something for everyone, from tables and chairs to bedroom sets. You can find modern, traditional, contemporary, and luxury-style furniture for your customers.

Why buy China furniture

Furniture from China is reasonably priced, which makes them an attractive option for families, individuals, and businesses. Businesses can buy China furniture wholesale and enjoy discounts associated with bulk orders to lower the cost of purchase and increase the profit margin. China furniture manufacturing companies use high-quality materials, and the level of craftsmanship is exceptional. The furniture pieces produced are strong and will last for many years. Most China furniture stores have a wide variety of furniture with interesting designs, shapes, and colors for any home decor style. Some China furniture suppliers offer customization options where businesses can add logos or choose a color, size, and material. Multiple shipping options are available depending on the size and weight of your order, with on-time dispatch guaranteed.

How to select China furniture

When browsing through China furniture for sale, it is important to consider the material and design. The type of material used to make the furniture affects quality and durability. Look for cheap China furniture with sturdy wooden or steel frames for extra strength and stability. Plastic furniture costs less but may not last long. Outdoor furniture with UV-resistant plastic, powder coated steel or rattan can endure extreme weather without wearing. Consider the fabric used for furniture upholstery, such as leather, velvet, or microfiber. Leather looks luxurious and works well in different decors, while velvet is easy to clean and maintain. China furniture manufacturers produce different sofas designs, including loveseats, sectionals, accent chairs, recliners, chesterfields, or C-shaped chairs. You can find luxury-style furniture with high-end designs and interesting details.

Get China furniture catalog from various global suppliers and manufacturers for your business at

How to Buy and Import Furniture from China: A Complete Guide

Stylish China Furniture for Every Space





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