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Your Position: Home - Furniture - How long should an air mattress stay inflated?

How long should an air mattress stay inflated?

Whether camping, hosting guests, or needing an additional temporary bed for your loved one, an air mattress is a terrific solution. How long, though, should it remain inflated? Do you have any suggestions for extending its duration? In this article, let’s learn more.


Neither the manufacturer nor the experts recommend how long to leave an air mattress inflated. As long as there are no unintended leaks or ruptures, the air inside an air bed should be continuously pressurized. An air mattress may also be deflated whenever you want to, whether for storage or transport to a different location. It is recommended to keep an air mattress filled for at least two weeks. An air mattress lifespan varies based on several variables, but it’s crucial to maintain it filled for as long as possible to guarantee a comfortable night’s sleep.


Leaving the valve open, which allows the air to escape, is the most frequent reason for air mattresses to deflate. It’s critical to locate and address any leaks as soon as they are noticed because a slow leak might eventually cause an air mattress to lose its inflation.


Why should your air mattress be properly inflated?


It’s likely that if you own an air mattress, you’ve dealt with at least one problem that prevented the mattress from staying filled. Despite the frustration it can cause, these issues are generally simple to resolve. It is simple to understand why air mattresses have grown so well-liked over time compared to some hospital bed mattresses. They may be readily deflated for storage, inexpensive, and typically simple to set up when not in use. But if you’re not careful, there are a few potential issues you can have with your air mattress. One reason is that your air mattress will become quite uncomfortable to sleep on if it is not correctly inflated.


What issues might maintaining an inflated air mattress bring about?


Most individuals buy air mattresses when camping or temporarily sleeping in their homes. If this describes you, you generally don’t want to leave your air mattress inflated for long. You should be mindful of several things if you use an air mattress for longer. No set amount of time is advised for keeping an air mattress filled, which is the first thing we should make clear. The major issue with leaving your mattress inflated is that you increase the likelihood that an accident may occur. There might be a lot of noise in a home with kids or pets. A blown-up mattress is far too vulnerable to damage from unintentional damage for them.


What might occur if you frequently inflate and deflate an air mattress?


Most people believe that an air mattress will wear out more quickly the more it is inflated and deflated. But is this the case? An air mattress won’t keep air for long if you often inflate and deflate it. The alternating air pressure pad pump fills an air mattress to its maximum capacity when inflating it. The pump will have to function much harder to fill the mattress with air if you deflate it after that and continue this process repeatedly. Over time, the pump may become worn out.


Guidelines for extending the life of your air mattress


There are things you need to remember before getting an air mattress. Air mattresses are so fragile, so make sure to focus on the following guides for extending the life of your air mattress.


  • Check the temperature in the room



It’s crucial to always keep the mattresses air pressure at its ideal level. As was already noted, the air in the mattress tends to concentrate in colder temperatures, deflating the bed. The bed is less effective and prone to tears or holes when the air pressure drops. Keep a constant eye on the temperature to reduce the likelihood of developing holes and tears. When you are making the bed, check the temperature, and make an effort to keep it right there all night.


  • Lay down or flat


The easiest yet most efficient approach to care for your mattress is to lay flat on it. Holes and tears can form when you sit on the ends and exert all your body weight on one particular area. Your body weight is evenly dispersed when you lie flat on the bed while using it, which means your air mattress is under less pressure and lets in less air.


  • Fold it carefully


Since this usually happens to be the final stage in using the mattress, care should often be used when handling it. It is one of the most required stages and should be carried out precisely each time to extend the life of your blow-up bed. Tears are more likely to form over time because the materials used to make the bed are stretched during folding. If little holes are already starting to show up, incorrect folding will worsen them and cause more leakage with each usage. Make careful to adhere to the folding directions provided in the user handbook to prevent this. These steps can appear time-consuming or unnecessary, yet neither is the case.


Additional factors to keep air mattresses inflated


Another thing to remember is to get an air mattress with the right weight capacity. By doing this, you can be sure your mattress won’t lose air pressure if a user weighs more than it can support. Using a second pump, you may also inspect the products. Some of the most recent air mattresses include a second, silent pump to keep your air mattress inflated. It detects leaks and pumps air as necessary. If problems persist, one last simple option is to deflate your mattress each morning.


Final Thoughts


It is inflated depending on the air mattresses type, quality, and construction. There are various mattress varieties. Thus, air mattresses are inflated based on their sorts. Air mattresses frequently have problems. Additionally, air mattresses leak, necessitating a replacement every seven years. The inflation of an air mattress is also dependent on its use.

Overall, it generally makes sense to leave an air mattress inflated if you use it every day. If you want to do this, keep the mattress away from any objects that could cause damage, and buy a quality air mattress. AvaCare Medical can help you with that. We offer different kinds of mattresses that suit your taste. For more information, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-877-813-7799.

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How long should an air mattress stay inflated?

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