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Your Position: Home - Automobiles & Motorcycles - Are Wix and Napa oil filters the same?

Are Wix and Napa oil filters the same?

I have bought WIX for a lot of years now.
I would have bought Baldwin in a heartbeat but they don't sell a filter with their own name on it anywhere near me, for car applications anyway. I looked online, they were available, but I am more of a "go to the store" guy.
I grew up with Baldwin filters in every farming application.
I honestly am not concerned too much about this change. A little competition in price is good for all of us, that is how it is supposed to work.
Now if Baldwin BOUGHT WIX, then I would be a bit worried! Because that is how things have been going lately all over. And then you get a monopoly, and then you get globalist BS and chinesium.

At this point, if one of them will put loud and proud "Made in USA" on the front I would probably buy it regardless of brand. Somehow that is turning into a Taboo for some reason.

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I have heard good things about WIX oil filters. I have also heard the NAPA filters are made by WIX. What I don't understand is the "Order of Quality" within these filters. Are the NAPA filters a lower quality WIX filter? Are there many different grades of these filters like the Fram line, where you only get what you pay for. I ask these questions because I am thinking of using a replacement filter for my Kawasaki engines that I can purchase at a NAPA near me instead of driving many miles to a JD or some other power equipment dealer. My gasoline cost to get the "Out of town" OEM filters is almost as much as the filter itself. Charles Ranhiem

Are Wix and Napa oil filters the same?

wix vs napa oil filters

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