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Advantages and Disadvantages of Embroidery




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There are over 100+ materials on market for hats. Here's some materials we used mostly on baseball hats, and also their functions.

Hat material most popular:

100% cotton twill 16*12

Cotton is stylish,easy to absorb sweat, no matter hat is structured or unstructured, it's very comfortable on head. Price is reasonable for most customers.Looking fashionable.

Other materials for baseball hat:

(1) 100% cotton twill 10*10

Feature: This fabric is also very popular, thicker.

Disadvantage: Surface rougher than 16*12, embroidering logo is more difficult.So logo is better not to be too complicated if doing embroidery.

(2) 100% cotton twill 7*7

Feature: This fabric is thicker and rougher than 10*10,

Disadvantage: embroidering is even harder than 10*10. Better to do simple large 3D embroidery logo on it.

(3) Canvas

Feature: Canvas is also one kind of cotton.Good performance for baseball hat.

Disadvantage: some people think it out-fashioned.

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(4) Suede

Feature: This material with fur on surface, wearing very suitable on head. Vastly used on unstructured baseball hat.

Disadvantage: Hard to clean.

(5) Jean

It's a well known material. Some people like it, some people not.

(6) soft polyester

Feature: very soft, very light, can print any picture all over the hat(sublimation printing), can custom color from Pantone card.

Disadvantage: looks cheap, low performance in absorbing sweat.

(7) thick polyester

Feather: very thick, hard material, keep the hat in good shape, can print any pic all over the hat(sublimation printing), can custom color from Pantone card.

Disadvantage: Too rough and too thick, not comfortable on head. Very few time using on baseball hat.

(8) nylon (Tuslon mostly)

Feature: waterproof(pouring water), dry-fit.

(9) net hole polyester

Feature: The holes all over the hat is very easy for ventilating sweat. Mostly used on sports like golf, gym or running.

(10) 80% acrylic 20% wool

Feature: very thick, very warm, better for cold areas

Disadvantage: price much higher, not very comfortable on head

(11) 65% polyester, 35% cotton

Feature: a very soft material has advantage of polyester and cotton both, very light.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Embroidery

Some most popular materials on baseball hat we use





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