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Your Position: Home - Fashion Accessories - 5 Things to Know Before Buying black and yellow caps

5 Things to Know Before Buying black and yellow caps

Last Updated June, 2018

We have been serving up New Era hats for over 20 years, going all the way back to the early 1990s. We have seen styles come and go and come back again. We know just about everything there is to know about the production and quality of New Era hats, as we have seen a million of these. Literally.

New Era has gone from a niche brand in the world of hats to THE BRAND. The innovators and originators of the 59FIFTY® fitted, New Era caps are now ubiquitous the world over.

With the rise of their popularity, counterfeiting New Era hats has also risen. If you’re scoping a particularly hard to get fitted, or trying someplace new online, we want to save you from accidentally buying a fake New Era hat by giving you our top ten list of characteristics that show your New Era hat is the real deal. Here ya’ go:

#10 Inside Lining Tape: All new era caps now come with an inner stitching called taping. This taping is one of the essential features of all New Era caps. Without this taping, it just ain’t New Era. The taping will say different things. Currently, most caps have the type of New Era cap logo and the New Era logo. For instance, you have the 59FIFTY® logo with the New Era® logo. Make sure that the logos appear crisp. If the writing on the taping is blurry or looks smudgy, this is a warning sign of a fake New Era cap.

#9 New Era Tag: All new era caps come with stitched in tags on the inside of the cap. With 59FIFTYs, there are at least two tags, the New Era® logo tag with care instructions and the sizing tag (even 9FIFTY snapbacks will have a sizing tag. New Era snapbacks actually come in different sizes, but we only carry Medium-Large, as this is the most common size that fits over 90% of people who wear New Era snapbacks). If the cap is a team cap that is part of a league, like Major League Baseball or the National Football League, there will also be a league logo tag.  Sometimes the stitching is a little off, but as long as it’s there, then you can check this one off.

#8 New Era Sizing Sticker: All new era caps come with a sizing sticker. For all those who wear 59FIFTY fitteds, you know this as the circular metallic gold sticker. The sticker is usually on top of the visor, but sometimes they are placed on the under visor, usually done if the visor is made with a special material that is sensitive to the adhesives in the sticker. All fitted caps come with the iconic gold 59FIFTY size sticker. On other styles of New Era caps you will get a different sticker, but every New Era cap will come with a sticker.

#7 Silver Holographic Sticker: All team caps will come with a silver holographic sticker from their league. These stickers vary widely, so again the most important thing is to just make sure that there is one that matches the league your New Era team hat belongs to.

#6 MLB On Field Hats Only, Rectangular Holographic Sticker: Speaking of holographic stickers, all MLB on field caps will have a rectangular sticker that says “Authentic”. But it is only the on field caps. Custom color caps and limited edition prints that are not worn on field during official league games will have the circular baseball holographic sticker.

#5 MLB On Field Hats Only, NE® Logo Button Backing: One unique feature that New Era started putting in their MLB on field hats a few years ago are the NE® logo button backers. This is the pin that goes into the button on top of the hat. The pin is visible if you look inside at the center of the hat. These are featured only in the MLB On Field Authentic Collection hats.

#4 MLB and NFL On Field Hats, Big Black Sticker: More and more, New Era is using the big black sticker for its official on field hats. This is just for 59FIFTY on field hats and this sticker normally goes over the 59FIFTY gold sticker on top of the visor. New Era uses this sticker mainly for the NFL and MLB on field caps, but we have seen them use these big black stickers for other leagues, like the World Baseball Classic. If you have an NFL or MLB on field hat, you should have this sticker on your hat. If your hat is an on field hat but not an NFL or MLB hat, don’t sweat it too much. Chances are it doesn’t come with this sticker (New Era NBA and NHL for sure do not have these big black stickers right now).

2016 UPDATE: Beginning January 1, 2016, ALL On Field hats no longer come with a big black sticker.


#3 League Logo On Back of Team Hats: Almost all on field caps will have the logo of the league embroidered on the back of the hat. But again, the key distinction here is whether your hat is an official on field hat. For any cap that is not an on field cap, New Era gives shops like us the power to be creative with our designs and not include this logo (although we almost always do, unless the design has a team hit on the back). So this is only a cause for concern if your NFL or MLB on field hat does not have the league logo embroidered on the back.



#2 NE® Logo On Left Side Of The Cap: The NE® logo should be embroidered on the left side of almost every New Era hat. The only times we have not seen this logo on a New Era hat is for the MLB Authentic Collection On Field hats or when there is already something embroidered there. In the latter situation, we’ve only seen this once with the on field World Baseball Classic hats. They have the country flag embroidered over where the NE® logo  should be. But in general, be cautious for any New Era hats that don’t have the NE® logo, except for the MLB On Field hats only, which should never have this logo.

2017 UPDATE: Beginning January 1, 2017, ALL MLB On Field hats will start carrying the NE® logo on the left side.

#1 When In Doubt, Check New Era’s Website: New Era is always changing the techniques they use to show the authenticity of their caps. So, the factors above could change over time. if you’re not addicted to hats like we are, or just don’t want to other trying to figure it out, you can always guarantee that you are buying an authentic New Era cap by purchasing it only from one of New Era’s official shops. You can use New Era’s Store Locator to find official New Era shops in your area. The Store Locator is on New Era’s home page, or access it by clicking here. If the shop you are buying from shows up on their list, then you are for sure buying an authentic New Era cap. And of course, you can always be sure that when you shop at Billion Creation or, you are getting the finest that New Era has to offer.

Screenshots of the search result for Billion Creation when you look up New Era shops in the 91911

Got any questions? Anything you want to add to what we wrote here? Got comments about this blog or New Era caps in general? Email us at [email protected]. We love knowing what you think so that we can do what we do better.




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The yellow caps only appear on bottles of Coke once a year.

Coca-Cola has been around for what seems like forever. The famous soda pop brand was first introduced in the late 1800s and is still going strong today. No matter how old you are, Coke has no doubt been a part of your childhood. It’s synonymous with crisp and refreshing, and Coca-Cola’s bright red logo is easily recognized the whole world over. It’s an absolute classic!

But have you ever noticed that sometimes, Coke’s bright red bottle cap is replaced with a yellow cap? There’s actually a very special reason for it—to signify the recipe is kosher for Passover.

The Yellow Cap Coke Is Kosher for Passover

If you’re unfamiliar with Passover, it’s a Jewish religious holiday that occurs during spring and lasts for seven days in total. During the holiday, Jewish people are prohibited from owning or consuming leavened foods (known as chametz). These include five main grains: wheat, spelt, oats, rye and barley.

However, it’s common for some Jewish people to recognize another category of forbidden foods (known as kitniyot) that includes corn, rice and beans.

How does all of this affect Coke? While the regular Coke formula is kosher year-round, it contains corn syrup, so it isn’t considered kosher for Passover by Jews of Eastern European descent. Because of this, Coke temporarily replaces the corn syrup in its recipe with sugar. This kosher Coke is marked with a sunny yellow cap!

Why Do People Love Kosher Coke?

While intended for Jewish people who celebrate Passover, these “Original Taste” Cokes are a favorite for many Coca-Cola fans. Plenty of people buy the yellow-capped Coke because they love the flavor or want to avoid high fructose corn syrup.

The best part? These yellow cap Coke bottles are no different in price than their regular recipe!

5 Things to Know Before Buying black and yellow caps

Here's Why Some Coke Bottles Have a Yellow Cap





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