Telestaff iPhone app review ?>

Telestaff iPhone app review

The Telestaff application for optimizing workforce resources has been made portable and now with an iPhone app the benefits are spread past the managers to the actual subjects, the workforce. Originally, Telestaff had been effective when companies needed to regulate their manpower through scheduling and communicating key decisions across the entire employee strategy. Now with an iPhone application, you can expect the extended usage to bring on board a host of benefits that outweigh any other workforce management package.

Taking a look at what the iPhone offering will do, the following will be key performance areas that will make sure no disappointments pass through to customers.

  1. The ability to see your work schedule as part of the subjects set to work – being mobile and showing employees the times they have to be at work helps them not miss the clock more, which is great help for security and mining companies among others critical to a routine changing schedule.
  2. The ability to communicate changes in working days to managers from the app – managers can get direct communication from employees to highlight when they would not be able to meet the schedule be it for whichever reason.
  3. Managers being able to respond quicker to changes before their clients go without men on strategic posts – because of the notifications function, companies can use the app for quick response tasks when other lines of communication, especially emails are just slower and counterproductive.
  4. Decision makers getting the ability to include what they observe on the workforce management floor towards a better team all together – often top level staff seldom get to see the way schedules work; this will give them a connection to the floor while they navigate through better decisions.


With the iPhone App set to increase the awareness of plans and schedules among other strategies for any company using Telestaff on mobile devices, the inclusion of clever employees on the ground will make for happier workforces and the same experience overflowing to their customers.

The mobile device is common found in the various environments that surround workforces and their resources, imagine a quick response team moving in time to fill up positions that their original men would have signalled as unattainable, and how much business will be saved from the simple fact that the mobile app was used to hint changes in time. The app has proven useful in many ways not only for the users, who have access to the iPhone device line, the app interacts with other devices that have Telestaff installed as well.

The vision to move towards the mobile frontier by Telestaff developers, Principal Decision Systems International shows their clients and competition that they are not stopping in their drive to help quick decisions to be made across entire workforce strategies. Organizations that are concerned about the safety and productivity of their workforce strategies will have a field day implementing the entire suite of software developed to effectively turn the smallest group of employees into a hive of activity from which scheduling can begin and tasks can be completed.

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