Looking For Legit Torguard Promo Code? ?>

Looking For Legit Torguard Promo Code?

Being anonymous from VPN service to proxy becomes TorGuard’s main concern. Down with these features, TorGuard presents its users with surprisingly varied plan bundles which offer VPN users interesting flexibility. But it is not the only consideration we would like to point out as there are even more than just a pricing that is worth being appreciated.

TorGuard is among the top VPN providers which have gained a huge number of users. With over 1250 server locations situated around the world, TorGuard is undoubtedly powerful. But what sort of thing TorGuard keeps for the virtual citizens?

Guaranteed Privacy and Security

There is no doubt that when buying a VPN, you are buying a secure system to protect your data to the maximum level. While the issue has been so obvious for almost all VPN users, they still need to search down through so many options to finally find the one.

TorGuard has the tools to guarantee high-end security and privacy of your data by offering powerful protocols from OpenVPN to PPTP. Their OpenVPN protocol can even be used to connect to ports and configure to work in highly-restricted countries such as Syria, Iran and China. In addition, TorGuard also equips their tunnels with strong VPN encryption ranged from AES-128 to AES-256.


In regards to compatibility feature, you should thank TorGuard for allowing their users to connect their VPN account from a great variety of devices. That includes Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. VPN routers are also eligible with TorGuard which adds its plus points.


It is interesting to find TorGuard’s flexible pricing which consists of four stages: Anonymous Proxy, Anonymous VPN, Anonymous Email and Privacy Bundle. They come with various features and rates, ranged from $5.95 per month to $11.54 per month. This is when you should be considering about getting some TorGuard promo codes to save your budget.

There should be no worry about paying too much for enjoying such security and privacy with TorGuard. TorGuard promo code is often valid for a considerably long period so that you have time to think about which plan you are purchasing and how much you are spending for being granted their services. Feel free to check regularly on their site in order to claim TorGuard promo code in the meantime.

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