How to Use HideMyAss VPN on iphone ?>

How to Use HideMyAss VPN on iphone

HideMyAss (HMA) is a company founded in United Kingdom in 2015. HMA can be categorized as the most popular internet privacy and security company offers a range of different products, one of them is VPN. VPN service, as we know, helps you to protect your personal information, keep intruder to snoop your browsing when you browse using public Wi-Fi. HMA has 788+VPN servers in over 200 cities of more than 151 different countries all over the world. It is also able to provide more than 105,000 IP addresses to the users.

HMA and iPhone

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It is the fact that iPhone users do extensive number of internet browsing or online activities. The consequence of this is that the users need to concern on the issue of security and privacy toward their data, such as personal information. Regarding this fact, HMA offers comprehensive support for iPhone and iOS operating system to the issue of privacy as well as security with the service of VPN. So, it encrypts the users’ internet traffic, hides the users’ real location, help them to protect from the intruder, as well as unblock firewalls and websites so that the users can access the blocked content. HMA also offers compatibility for the iPhone. If you need a cheap price, you can use a HideMyAss coupon to get it.

How to Use HMA in the iPhone

The process of using HMA in iPhone is simple and basically similar to the process of installing other VPN service provider. As the iPhone users, you can choose to sign up HMA before installment of the application in your iPhone or through the application. That is very simple to setup the VPN service of HMA in the iPhone. Firstly, you can go to “App Store” to search for HMA and download it. Then, you have to launch the application and register for your new account. If you have signed up previously, directly you can insert your username and password for the service. Next, you will encounter “VPN Server Profile”, choose a location and profile type, for instance L2TP, and then press “install profile”.

The process you can do afterward is pressing the “install” and “install now”. Wait for a moment till you find the “Done” button.  If you are to enter enter the passcode, use your 4-digit iPhone passcode. Then, you can continue the process of setup by going to the “settings” menu in your iPhone, find “General”, and select “VPN”. After you have found the VPN, switch the VPN setting to “On”. You will be notified about how long your VPN connection has been active. After that, you have been connected to HMA which means that your data are protected.

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