How to setup totalvpn on iphone ?>

How to setup totalvpn on iphone

Installation of TotalVPN app on your iphone will start at once after the downloading from an App Store. When you open the app for the first time, you will be asked to open a new account by entering your password and the email address. When you try to open the connection to the VPN server for the first time, you will be asked to let the VPN in and to add the VPN configuration to the device and you should click at allow it when you see any prompt window.

If you want to download the app, you should visit the App Store in order to download and to install an official client for Open VPN.  Using the computer, you should download TotalVPN open config files. You should then unzip such file and see the folder that contains the file for every location. You can then email the config files to the servers that you are looking to use and then send it to the email that has been configured into the iPhone.


The iPhone will receive the files like attachment when they have been received at the iPhone, then you should tap so that they can be opened at the VPN client. The price of TotalVPN is very cheap. However if you still need a cheaper price, you can try a TotalVPN coupon code, which can always save you a lot.

An OpenVPN app will open and then recognize config files. You can then click at the green plus icon in order to install the certificate completely.  You should enter the TotalVPN with the password and the username into the field of the certificates and then toggle to the SaveSwitcher in and this helps to save the credential and you will not have to enter them in whenever you want to use the app.  The username will not be the same as an email address, and you are able to find it at the dashboard.  You can tap to toggle or disconnect so that the OpenVPN connection can be established.

After setting up totalvpn on your iphone, you will be able to enjoy the following. You will get total anonymity since it will hide your personal information, location and IP completely. There are over 30 locations which you can connect to when you upgrade. You will not be restricted to anything while you will be able to enjoy unrestricted, fast and simple browsing when you join Total Premium.

You are able to unlock the favorite websites from different places.  You get access to secure encryption so that you can be safe from the snoopers, hackers and government when you send encrypted message. You can avoid the tracking since the location and the IP of your computer will be hidden and it is hard for the third party to be able to track what you do online.

With this app, you will have zero monitoring. This is because TotalVPN believes into the right to the privacy and there is no record of the logs from your own browsing history.  You are still secure even when you are on the public wi-fi such as in the coffee shops or on the airport.  With Total VPN, you will be able to access anything you want.

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