Best iPhone alarm clock app for heavy sleepers ?>

Best iPhone alarm clock app for heavy sleepers

If you are a heavy sleeper, then getting the alarm clock that does a better job waking people up in the morning is probably a tough task. We have tried out several IOS alarm clocks and most of the time slept through their ring cycles, and a few did the trick. Heavy sleeper, you are in luck, today you get to know the apps worth trying out on your iPhone to beat the clock be it to work or with whatever you need to do early in the morning.

To help you wake up, an alarm clock need to do more than just make a loud din. Turning that noise off should at least require your conscious effort otherwise we could as well develop the routine to switch the alarm off and go right back to the dream almost automatically. It is not uncommon for people to even turn the alarm off in their sleep, so we need an alarm that wakes you up to turn it off, then checks again to make sure you didn’t slide back into bed.

There are apps that also take into consideration how much you have slept and only wake you at the exact time that you are most likely to jump up and start the day. A good example of this sort of apps is;


Sleep Cycle– best used with the mobile device lying next to you, the application monitors the vibrations that are made around your body to determine the best time to wake you up. Just as with going to sleep, the vibrations from movements can tell if you are falling or waking from sleep naturally, using a time period you tell the app to wake you up, it them sounds the alarm after analysing the best possible time to wake you up. The app includes other features such as graphs of your sleep patterns and also helps you sleep better by showing you the effects of coffee and other habits we do before going to bed.

Suno – this is a very smart app that takes into consideration the very reason why it is easier to wake up when the sun is up than when its pitch black. Through manipulating the lights of the iPhone, Suno will light up your bedroom such that minutes later when the noise gets off, your prime senses will trigger the best time to wake up as opposed to forcing you to wake up. Like we said the best alarms would be, you can’t use shake gestures or hovering your palm on the screen to silence the alarms, you have to unlock your phone and swipe through windows to either snooze or get started with your day; both cases which would have achieved the reason for the alarm.

The default Alarm for Pebble – the alarm clock that is stock in iPhones can now be triggered to wake you up via the iWatch. Imagine feeling the vibration effects of the alarm on your wrist when you are asleep, if that doesn’t jolt you into action, then the noise set to be near your ear will do the trick.

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